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About the gallery ;
Gallery ; is a new, artist run, online platform focused on exploiting the possibilities of the internet. One of the fundamental principles of the platform is that it is not a replacement or an alternative to a ‘normal’ show, and will only exist digitally. While many of the existing online platforms for the arts are utilized as a cheap, visible and quick medium, I believe that these are just a handful of approaches to take. The gallery opposes the current tendency to represent shows online as merely a collection of photographs. It opposes the limited attention span of internet browsers, it opposes adding a timestamp to a text so the reader will know beforehand he only wasted a couple of minutes reading a text which didn’t get to any depths exactly because it had a limited amount of running time.

The invited artists are challenged to construct a show which would not be possible physically. As such the shows on this platform will play a double role, partially as a means to grant visibility, partially as a platform for experimentation within the internet. This posits a requirement for any show on the platform: it must be site-specific.
The shows will never end or close, yet might change during the run time, might or might not have an opening event, might have downloadable content, and have at least one custom built webpage on the site. The shows will be curated by the founder, Stefan Cammeraat, who will invite artists to set up either a solo- or a group-show, provide assistance in the production and who will challenge the artists to rethink their preconceptions regarding the production of a [digital] show.


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